Technical Training

M&E Limited also has in-house training for the development of our technicians. M&E Limited runs two in-house training programs for technicians.
The first program is the Entry Level Technician Trainee Program. This is for Bahamians under the age of 25 that would have already begun studying at a technical school. This is a three- month paid training course. This program has had much success and M&E Limited is now on its second wave of trainees. At the end of the three-month training period the trainees have the option to work full time for M&E Limited. For more information about the Entry Level Technician Trainee Program please contact the Service Manager.
The second in-house training program is a two-year program that takes all of M&E Limited’s full time technicians through Caterpillar training on various pieces of equipment from basic to advance levels. This program is mandatory for all full time technicians and is being administered by our company’s in house instructor.

Press Release:
M&E Limited join CATERPILLAR to Sponsor Free Online Training for Aspiring Service Technicians

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