S.O.S Fluid Analysis

Scheduled oil analysis is a fluid analysis program which detects problems early, so minor problems can be repaired before they become catastrophic failures. It monitors “positives” as well as “negatives” so money is not wasted on early oil changes or by repairing components needlessly. It helps to shorten repair time, by using S.O.S. information as a guideline, troubleshooting time can often be reduced allowing the servicemen to go right to the core of the problem.

The SOS program assures parts and personnel availability. With an SOS program alert, you can determine if the necessary parts or components and service personnel are available to perform the repair, if needed. The SOS program monitors maintenance schedules and practices to verify that maintenance is being done or if it is being done on time. At the same time it helps with fleet management by assessing whether equipment with increasing wear trends will last until the job is completed or until other equipment can be schedule downtime to fit into your workload. It can be done on any fluid filled compartment.

Access our online reporting system for S.O.S. Fluid Analysis here.

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