To become the leader in supplying sustainable integrated solutions
by adding value and guaranteeing customers loyalty.


Machinery & Energy Limited is a company founded on the basis of exerting leadership in its activities, with a clear sense of permanence in time.

M&E Limited will develop its activities in the interest of the community, the employees welfare and the complete satisfaction of its customers, providing optimal results for its shareholders and keeping a solid financial standing.

M&E Limited main activities are directed at the Construction, Energy, Marine, and Industrial sectors, by means of supplying integrated solutions with the best technology and professionalism. It shall also explore those activities which represent benefits to the economic sectors served, and that are related to the aforementioned statements.

Employee Creed

  • Customers pay all our salaries: I must do what it takes to please them.
  • Every job in this company is essential and important: I do make a difference.
  • Showing up is no accomplishment: I get paid for the value I create.
  • The buck stops here: I must accept ownership of problems and get them solved.
  • I belong to a team: We succeed or fail together.
  • Nobody knows what tomorrow holds: Constant learning is part of my job.
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