• M&E believe that honesty must be displayed by the entire organization by facts, and fair appraisals. M&E has zero tolerance for corruption and fraudulent activities.
  • Everyone within the company is expected to practice honesty in all that they do.
  • Consideration of the company’s data is vital and should be treated with outmost confidentially. Company data are not to be sold, shared, or utilized in any way that it is not so stipulated, or in any way manner that may be harmful to the company’s success.
  • The company assets and monies should not be converted to personal use, or to be claimed falsely when travelling on company business
  • The prices set by the company for its products and services should not be manipulated without the appropriate authorization.
  • Customers are expected to be treated fairly, and to be told the truth at all times.
  • The company time should be used only for the company’s activities; conflict of interest is considered dishonest and should be avoided.
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